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It’s been a few busy days, unfortunately not for the tiny house, I finally got back at it today though! Wewt!  I got all of the firring up today but I have no pictures, instead, here is an update on everything else! 😉

I met Jonathan! It was weird, like 4-5 months ago I found his blog, he was a random dude from the midwest who did a similar thing that I was interested in doing.  I have got to know him over the months and went through his blog front to back have learned SO much!  One of the funny things to me about this whole tiny house deal is that I have gotten to know quite a few people pretty well via the internet but to actually meet another person who has built his own tiny house and gone beyond like Jonathan has was pretty surreal to me.  He’s a cool dude and Barney is actually adorable, just like he seems :).  For those of you who don’t know Jonathan he lived formally in Michigan but has pretty much been kicked off of his own property because of local codes not being accepting of a tiny house.  He has chosen to move to Portland and just made it today!  Congrats on living the dream, it was a pleasure meeting you Jonathan, totally, I hope to visit ya soon in your new home town.  I hope you find Portland amazing!!

Other than that, in completely unrelated events, I actually spent the last weekend in Portland.  I didn’t seek out any other tiny houses really, I had a great time though, checked out some stellar music, met some amazing people and had an overall great time!  I did take a little trek to Ikea also and found a plethora of ‘things’ I want but I didn’t get anything just yet.  I will probably get a lot of my kitchen stuff there though, and probably my bathroom sink.  The just have so much cool stuff that works really well for small spaces.

Today, I did finally get back to work, like I said, I was able to fir out all of the walls to the nominal 4″ dimension that is needed for the insulation, sorry, no pictures.  I have half the sheathing left to do then I will put in one layer of the insulation, do some electrical work and keep pushing forward.  I should have some time to work this week and Sunday.  I did officially give notice on my place so as of July 1st I will live in my tiny house.  I’m not saying it will be ‘done’ per-say but it should be at least in good ‘camping’ order, and I will save a bunch of money on rent… :).

Two more quick things of note… I ‘hope’/think I may have found a great solution to my roofing situation, I am not going to spill the beans yet until I know it will work but I am pretty excited about it!  Second thing, I nearly came home from Portland with a Great Dane, I couldn’t believe they had 2 purebreds at the pound in Portland but they had to go together, there is no way that I could handle two danes right now but as a heads up, there will be a dane living in this house with me.  I am officially on the hunt for my perfect pooch!  Let me know if anyone knows of any leads, I want a blue male ;-).

That’s pretty much my quick update!  Hopefully I will be all the way sheathed tomorrow and start in on the insulation very soon!  Also, time to start the garden, going to the market to get my plants this weekend!!! wewt!  Have an amazing week!  Here are some pictures in no particular order…

PS. For those of you who didn’t catch it the radio show went well, i got to talk for a half hour about tiny houses and thank each of my sponsors publicly :).  I will see if I can get the audio of it or at least a link and post it!



  1. I must confess…..I would kill to have had a indoor place to build my tiny house….last summer we had to call off so many work weekends due to rain!!!! Your house is looking good. You need to give it a name that is suited just to you. My daughter when she was little loved the “Wind In the Willows”. Mr. Toad live in Toad Hall…my late wife’s nickname for me was toad, because I love airplanes, boats, sports cars, motorcycles, as did Mr. Toad. My tiny house is on wheels thus the name “Towed Haul”

  2. It is nice, I’m not going to lie :). I will be pulling it outside the shop though too shortly, I cannot put the roof on if I expect to be able to pull this outside. There are 12′ doors and right now I am right at that, I’ll have to deflate the tires a bit to get out. Thanks for the kind words I do need a name, I have been thinking about a lot of options but they all sound hoaky to me. I’ve always wondered where your name came from, that’s a great story! I was thinking about the ‘My Imaginarium’, that’s more of a thing than a name though… so it goes on… un-named 🙂

  3. Macy! love the update! so fun to meet someone from the internet I bet. Crazy this tiny house community – “watching” so many people build their houses online… it’s quite a network!
    great photos! your house is going to look SO awesome. I love the big windows. and that Igrill is SO cool! what a strange but perfect combination of functions… music and grilling. awesome shape too. love it love it. keep up the good work!

  4. Do try to get the audio of your radio show. I’d be interested to hear it. I also just realized you’re in Boise. We rolled through there last year and spent the night on our way to Portland from Denver. We found some great food in town, and it seems like a fun little enclave.

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