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Alrighty, I updated my Sketch-Up model a bit. His is a more accurate view of my designs.  I go back and forth on the outside materials, I really like the way that Shane and Carrie’s tiny house siding turned out, I can totally picture 4″-6″ wide pieces of chocolate or bluish colored siding with darker or galvalum z-bars.  I also am starting to bring back up the idea of the recycled pallets.  I am going to take some more of those apart today and see how that goes.

As far as the darker material shown I am wrestling with what type of material to use.  In my head it was always a standing seam metal roof but I want it to look monolithic when it turns the corner to continue down the outside wall, I don’t know how successfully my limited skills can pull that maneuver off with standing seam, and corrugated would be much harder.  I am wracking my brain on what material to use, if you guys have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it!




  1. what about turning the corrugations sideways? so they run parallel with the length of the house, then you can just curve the metal roofing down the back wall. your roof slope is pretty steep, and you can use an “ice-and-water-shield” roofing underlayment that would eliminate leak potential. like what they use on “flat” roofs…

    or what about a prefab metal carport? (or ramada) cut that in half? not sure if any of them come all in one piece…
    here was a house I saw online that is similar to what I was thinking: http://www.housedesigntrend.com/contemporary-house/two-volume-house-with-central-courtyard-of-kensington-lighthouse/

    will be tough to get that thick front fascia shown in your sketchup model out of the same material, but it you did galvanized / galvalume, you could get galvanized sheet metal for the fascias. just screw it on with roofing screws. again, ice-and-water-shield the wood structure behind it.

    I would love to see the pallet wood for the exterior wall cladding. can you do a rainscreen installation? over tyvek or tarpaper?

    fun… 🙂

    1. The problem with turning those corrugations is that every one of them will catch water instead of shedding it. This probably isn’t as much of a problem on the side of the structure, but on the roof it would be a bad idea.

      1. We also get a fair amount of snow which it would hold on the roof and add a dead load that Im sure I’m over engineered enough for but wouldn’t be ideal… I’ve totally thought of it though, I wish it could be that easy!

      2. yeah Jonathan… I agree. unless you could get a continuous sheet of metal, and even then, it would probably catch water, unless it had some slight slope to either end.

    2. I love that picture of the house. I really want the sharp edge on my house, I can’t really explain it. This is one of the ‘disconnects’ that I am finding in the work done by architects (what I’m used to) and actually making it work, in real life. Right now doing the complicated cuts would be my first choice, I have gotten some other feedback that I will be looking into though too! I’ve actually been thinking of doing like a TPO installation and then doing a raised system very similar to the image you shared.
      Thanks so much for the feedback!

      1. that’s funny, Shane and I were just talking about your roof and he said, why not TPO? white EPDM is great for reducing the heat island effect too.

  2. You know…I saw your designs and was so blown away by the style I went on a treasure hunt for alternative SketchUp styles…low and behold they are already included in the free version! It’s been 3 years…how did I not know about this? Why it’s the best discovery I’ve made since…well…SketchUp.

    And the design itself is pretty awesome. I finished my 2D layout last week and will be going vertical in SKP soon.

    How tall is your bookshelf b/t the living and sleeping area going to be? I really like the idea. It’s a nice utilization of wall space, and effectively divides the space functions without making it feel closed off at all. Very cool.

    1. Why thank you! Yeah, you can get totally lost in designing different styles in SketchUp :). I would love to see you post some of your 2D designs ;-). the bookshelf I am going to have will go from floor to ceiling so about 7′-6″. I am considering making a cupboard in the bottom 30″ though for my sewing machine. It seems like it would be a nice place to stick it!

  3. hi Macy! I keep thinking about your roof and I keep seeing custom standing seam metal roofs around town that have a sloped roof to vertical transition. (that’s hard to explain) they’re typically awnings, but are standing seam and the seams are continuous from the slope to the vertical portion of the metal. have you looked into this? too expensive?

    1. I have been looking for stuff that sounds exactly like that but am not coming up with anything, I will look harder, that sounds ideal! 🙂

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