Update – I Have Walls

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Its time to update again :).  We finished up the floor, like everything else it has taken way longer than expected but we got it done and got some walls up!  Once again I’ll let the pictures explain.  Big thanks to Dennis and Ryan for coming out to help lift it all into place, and as always big thanks to Mom, Dad, Nate, Dan and Jeff, who get roped into helping because we share the same DNA, and thanks to Trevor for the muscles too! 🙂  Even Grandma and Grandpa got into the fun this weekend!

And, in other news, I may have a truck to pull my tiny house, grandpa might hook that up! 🙂



  1. I am excited for you…..I remember the day the walls went up. Looking really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! I got a floor on and you got walls up. Looks great! I love the pics and I am truly amazed at the size of your tiny house. I think you are going to be quite comfortable!!! Way to go Macy!

  3. I just noticed that you’re using a gooseneck trailer for your house. I can’t recall seeing that used before, although I’m sure somebody must have. It adds a unique dimention to the structure that you’re cleverly using as a loft. I know storage space doesn’t really get much attention in a tiny house, but such a nook would be good for that. It’s probably better for sleeping or lounging though.

      1. Hello Macy,
        Your place is looking great and it’s always a ton of fun framing and seeing the walls go up. I bet your excited. Keep the photo’s coming were enjoying watching your home being built.


      2. It’s just such an odd space to work with. It looks like your linked folks are making it work, though, as the whole structure is quite appealing. Throw some windows up there and it probably ends up adding the appearance of quite a bit more space.

  4. I was looking at your construction photos of the walls going up and turned a very dark shade of green!! I as you may recall have never built anything in my life and my friend Jim is a great handy man but never built a house…..I look at my house and marvel at the quality of its construction, and yet it looks like crap compared you your wall section…..You Dad is doing one hell of job(yes I saw the power tool in your hand….hehe). I know how excited you must be seeing the wall going up…..congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wish you all the best!!

    1. Well thanks for the compliments Bob, I can tell I am going to have to impose on my mom or something to get some more pictures of ME working… it’s hard to take a picture of myself while doing my part but I swear to you, I am pulling my weight (my arms are so sore today that it’s hard to even type this! ;-). Dad is doing one hell of a job though, I’d like it noted that I did actually design the thing though, so when it falls apart, blame me, not him 😉

  5. it is amazing how sore the body gets while framing……i feel your pain….been there and got the T-shirt!!!!!!

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