Radiant Barrier, Plumbing and a New Lamp!

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I just have a bunch of random updates… first, I have radiant barrier, all taped up and nearly ready to cover with flooring, I just have to get a couple of plumbing lines laid down first.  Dad worked up a plumbing diagram for me yesterday to supply the kitchen sink, shower, bathroom lav, a potential ice maker for the fridge and a potential washer/dryer unit in case I want to add one later down the line.   A couple of lines run under the floor and the rest will be in the walls.   My friend Abel gave me this awesome lamp he had in storage too, I think it will go fabulously with the decor, thank you Abel :).

I FINALLY finished the loft floor too even, all insulated and ready to get going!  That was the biggest pain, not in a ‘it was hard’ way, more I just ran out of steam, I’m ready to move onto the next phase already.  At this point I am thinking a trailer 4 feet shorter is sounding like a great idea, that last 4 feet was miserable! 🙂  Bigger and better things start today!

That’s all I have for an update for now.




  1. Radiant heating systems always looked so expensive and complicated but since you are including it on yours for so little money I am starting to consider it again. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out: effectiveness, efficiency, etc. Good luck!

    1. Me too :), this is all a big experiment and I have no idea how well it will work honestly, I will be sure to let you know though! An electric radiant system will only work if I am tied to the grid however, for when I go off the grid I am seriously considering laying some water tubes in there too in order to hook up to a solar water system down the road… pondering it…

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