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I’m pretty sure it’s been noticed but I have slowed down… BUT! it’s time to kick it back in gear…I have literally had 5 holes left to drill for over a week and have just simply been dreading it and thus not doing a thing…  After drilling over 160 holes its the last 5 that I quit on?? I got it done though, finally, last night! I only broke two drill bits (seriously, the last 5 holes made themselves into as big of a pain as I thought I made them up to be).  I also cleaned up one of the doors.  I am going to get them pre-hung at some point next week if I can swing it (punny) but it cleaned up well.  Attached is not the final cleaned door, instead it’s at some point in the middle (I’m not sure of the methodology of my picture taking sometimes…).  I caught a break and it was actually really nice  on the cleanup, the panes were all painted and I thought I would be doing lots of scraping but it turned out the film was still on the panes so I just had to cut around the area and peel off the paint, super easy!

My dad also got a wild hair earlier this week and took a swing at taking apart some pallets, he got 5 done and I think we found a way to streamline the process!  I have high hopes!  More updated to come, hopefully soon!





  1. If the nail heads are still visible on the pallets, try taking a small 4 ½ hand held grinder with a metal blade and grind off the heads. This will help eliminate most of the resistance when taking them apart. Then, use a pair of “nipper” pliers to gently remove the nail by simply bending them over to the side. Most pallet nails are also coated with heat actuated glue when the pallets are mechanically put together. But… you already probably knew that, that’s why they are so darn tough to take apart.

  2. Your progress is looking good. Drilling that many holes is never fun and a lot of work. We enjoy watching your tiny home being built and I know that it takes a ton of time and effort to do and make but the end result is all worth it…
    Shane @ clotheslinetinyhomes.com

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