I Have Insulation

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My dad was kind enough to go pick up the insulation my brother’s company hooked me up with late last week, I officially have insulation.  ESI Construction gave me a killer deal on this, it was leftover from one of their jobs.  I have been so fortunate finding deals and they have helped immensely! I saved roughly 80% on this insulation as compared to Lowe’s shelf prices.  I am certain you could get a deal on this from a supplier but I dare you to find a deal that great! 🙂  This will provide me with R-20 in my walls and R-30 in my ceiling and will provide ~ R-30 of my R-42 for my floor.

I’m a pretty lucky girl :).  Thanks ESI!



  1. Hi Macy,

    All the foam I’m finding on the markets has a low R-value. I’ve talked to a few people in the industry that keep steering me towards fiberglass batt and poo-pooing foam. Is this a special kind of foam board that allowed you to get R-20+?

    Also, weight is a big consideration for us too. Do you know if foam is lighter?


    1. Hi Cassie, I have no idea why someone would direct you away from foam to batt but… it takes all types, the weight is about the same. Batt has much bigger moisture issues and a much smaller r-value… the styrofoam seems to be more accessible, it’s not much better than batt other than for moisture but closed cell rigid foam board (the pink or blue stuff) is MUCH better, in all ways for a tiny… I used the blue stuff, it may be a special order from the hardware store….

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