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I live the wood tones with the crisp white walls in this and want to do a ceiling similar.  I have almond colored windows so I am not sure how crisp white walls will work with it but I will find out :).  I think the actual ceiling part may be white though too, we will see.

Love the tree print on the walls in this.

I plan on using the wood pallets sparsely on the interior as well, perhaps similar to this.

I am not going to have upper cupboards, I was thinking open shelving for pots/magnetic strips for knives/a bar to hang utensils on similar to this, I will have some storage below for other things as well, and plenty of pantry space.

This is my exact shower curtain hung on the wall to create a cool background, I may have to incorporate that somewhere, perhaps the bathroom.

For the exterior, I would like my back patio to be similar to this, it will have a cover and a wall on one side, potentially opening up to a fold down porch.

This is a similar color scheme I have racing in my head, a few other potentials below as well.

Another potential color scheme, I can also see a blue toned stain on the wood in this image with a lighter, maybe galvanized finish for the roof and accent wall in my design…

A potential couch I like :), it folds down into a lounger or a spare bed.

I like the build around the bed, could be cool storage and or a place for my books and lamps to sit, it just looks cozy.

I like the idea of having the patio wall be a garden wall and growing my spices right outside the door from the kitchen.

This is the blue-ish stain color I mentioned up above that I like, I think it would look cool on the old pallet wood.

Another cool ceiling, I like this whole thing actually but I will be doing a tile floor for my radiant heat, so using pallet wood is out of the question unfortunately.

And another example of the ceiling treatment, kicking around having the beams be wood colored with the white slats.

I have always wanted a door like this, where if I had a dog I could leave the top portion open for a breeze and not worry about the dog running away, completely inefficient though…

cool bed nook, I like the shelving again for my night-time ‘things’

My bathroom door! I like the sliding barn door.

Since I only have one sink in the whole place acting as the kitchen sink/bathroom sink/potential cloths washer sink/dog washer sink, I want something big and deep like this.

I am kicking around having a fold down desk similar to this (thanks cousin Sage for the idea).  I may have a spot for it, we will see!

This is yet another color option I dig, could see this with dark grey/black accent or lighter metal/galvanized accents.

Thoughts are always welcome! Have a great weekend! 🙂



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