I am Done Drilling Through Metal!!

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You can hardly tell I have been doing work because it’s been the tedious type of work that I can’t really see progress happening except by the cuts and bruises accumulating on my hands and arms :).  I have about 40’ of 3/8” all-thread cut into little 3” pieces and bolted throughout the metal frame on the trailer (roughly 160 holes drilled through steel…).  A LOT of drilling steel has happened, and that’s a slow process!  I really do feel, and felt before hand, that this was going to be the worst part of the whole build.  I’m sure there will be plenty of upsets along the way but I am so happy and proud to be done with what I see as the worst part of it!  The rest is at least fun or challenging.  So…on to the fun stuff!  And I only smashed my finger pretty good once! 🙂


A quick picture of the wood 2×2’s bolted along the underside of the perimeter in order to be able to screw the undercarriage to the bottom.

The wood 2×2’s, 2×4’s and 2×8’s stick out below the trailer frame, this is to screw some OSB to the bottom, creating a cavity to fill with R-36 insulation.  I am going to eventually buy some spray foam insulation to cover the remaining exposed steel structure on the bottom (in order to prevent thermal bridging since these members pretty much touch the interior floor).  Once that is done I have a new plan to use rhino-lining or a similar substance to coat the entire bottom to prevent against rock/road damage and to stop little critters from wanting to nest in my floor space.

Jason was Awesome enough to drop by the radiant barrier for the floor so I can get going on it!  Perfect timing!

This weekend I plan to screw 1/2” OSB (Donated by ESI Construction) to the underside of the wood I just attached to the frame.  After that I can fill gaps with spray insulation and fill the cavity with foam insulation (also donated by ESI).  The radiant barrier will then be rolled out on top of the insulation followed by 1 1/4” plywood decking.   I was planning on placing an order this weekend to build my walls and roof but I may have even more good news to come soon on where I am getting my lumber, I hope to write more soon! 🙂



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