The Stuff to Sell and Other Things…

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I finally cleaned my house today so I thought it was a good time to take a quick inventory and got through the large items I am going to be selling.  The house I am currently renting is roughly twice the size that my tiny house will be, still relatively small but able to hold a lot of crap!

But first, this is my shower curtain, which I plan to become my headboard, you’ll see :).

I have one bedroom set that will be heading out the door I am guessing around May, here is the dresser.  Please let me know if you’re interested ;).

There are two nightstands.

One upright dresser.

and an armoire

My house is small enough that I had to break up my sectional couch, this is my favorite sitting chair (and where I am now 🙂 which is the end of the sectional.

and the rest of the couch, including ottoman.

I have a lot of books that will come with but the shelf will probably be traded with something more built-in.

The TV and buffet it’s sitting on will both be going, the books behind will be coming with, for the most part…

and a media stand that will be going.

I am not sure what this table originally was, it looks like a drafting table but with a glass top 3/4” thick.  HEAVY!  I literally cannot budge this if I try my hardest.  It’s been a great kitchen counter but I am afraid it will be going away too!  If you have ever wanted a glass topped shop table this is the one 🙂

And this is more stuff to be sorted through, I am not sure all the pots are going to make it over but maybe…

I will most certainly be making room for my wine glasses :).

Knife storage should be easy enough!

Seriously, if anyone wants any of this stuff let me know, some I will probably give away but I’d like to get a little cash to fund my solar panels too 🙂


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