Trailer: Leaf Springs in Hand

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I learned all about axles recently… hopefully enough to be able to put one on my trailer (daring!).  Oh yeah, and I have to learn to weld… that’s my goal for this week.  I am taking the week off between Christmas and New Years Eve.  My only hard set goal is to get the third axle on.  I want to do other stuff too, and I will if I have the time.  I will be content though to get the axle on.  I have the extra axle from the guy who sold me the trailer, Dustin, but I needed to pick up some new leaf springs to actually attach them (I learned what a leaf spring is and that it comes in a lot of different varieties.  I got ones to match the others, it was actually pretty simple once you start to understand it but that stuff is daunting when you have no idea about it.  I just call up places and look like an idiot enough times and ask enough dumb questions until I start to understand.  Anyway, we are lucky enough her in Boise to have a pretty big axle supplier for the northwest region pretty close by.  This morning I drove out to Emmett with my dad and picked up ALMOST everything I need to attach my axle.  almost because there was a measurement I forgot to take so they weren’t able to get me a particular part but there are other places around town that sell that part so I should be ok… dad was going to check on that for me today.  It was a good thing I called ahead though because th town is shutting down for the holiday and if I didn’t get the leaf springs today I would have been out of luck until after the new year, that would have set me back and I would probably get grouchy, so we are all lucky that didn’t happen :).

These are the U-bolts, the saddles and the welding plates I need (learned what all that was today 🙂

This is one of the actual spring leafs, there are two, these are single spring leafs (as opposed to double or triple)

And this is hopefully what I can make it all look like, AFTER I learn to weld… wish me luck! 


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