Trailer: Boards Are Gone!

Macy M4770 views

Naked Trailer!  after lots of grinding, sawing and hammering on the tricky bolts all of the boards have no been removed! 

Some of the fire!

On to the next step!

I am going to be figuring out some details in order to get the insulation value I want out of this (R-30 to R-38).  I talked to a local company here and am excited to say that they have a product that sounds like it will be perfect for insulating the undercarriage (if not the whole house).  The product itself is kind of spendy and a little out of my price-range I had set for insulation but I may be able to justify it on the undercarriage since it sounds like it will save me some material in actually building an aluminum undercarriage, I will have to run some numbers and decide. 

Also, It is time to go get those leaf springs and weld on the third axle.  I have been pondering taking the week between Christmas and New Years off and catching up on some things.



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