Trailer Update: Finally Some Progress I Can Show

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After doing nothing but unscrewing hundreds of nuts for several work days I finally have some progress I can show!  With my dad’s help I got half of the boards taken off last night!  I was hoping to have this stuff done sooner but, as with most projects, there are a lot of things you can’t really account for.  This is one of those.  In buying the used trailer (home-made at that) you never know what you’re going to get.  A whole bunch of the bolts were bent or all ‘crapped-up’ (that’s the best way I can put it) so they were more difficult than expected to take off.  I could have gotten a brand new trailer and I wouldn’t have to deal with this but for this size trailer it would have been a couple thousand dollars more, so the extra hours of work are worth it.  I did realize I need to go back through my preliminary schedule here soon and re-adjust.  I didn’t have any time in there for getting the trailer ready but obviously there is some so it’s all going to get pushed back.  So, I can’t work on it tonight unfortunately (I have ‘real life’ stuff to get done, like laundry and dishes and making Christmas gifts) but on Thursday I should be able to take the remaining boards off and really see what I am working with for a foundation.

First board is off!

Second board is off!

Dad is under there with his Saws-all chopping off the ‘crapped up’ bolts.

First blood of the whole project, I am amazed that it didn’t happen sooner!  I scraped the trailer… I am sure worse wounds are ahead! (hopefully I get to keep all of my fingers though…)

The boards are gone… well half are.

It is difficult to tell but my work cloths are filthy!  When I shower at night the water runs black… 🙂

My next steps are, like I say, Thursday to take the remaining boards off.  I then need to go pick up a couple new leaf springs for the third axle to be installed.  I need to figure out how to integrate my foundation exactly with this particular trailer (details to come soon).  I will weld (with the help of my amazing family members) the third axle on.  I think since I am at the welding part I may try to tackle the gooseneck portion of the trailer too.  I haven’t posted to much about that because I really am not sure what all is going on there yet… but I will!  I may need to adjust some of the structural steel on the trailer too, we will see as I figure out how I try to integrate with the trailer, I may have thought of a way around that.

In other news, I may have a sponsor for some tile also… I started my ‘Sponsors’ link in the upper right menu so that you can see who all has supported me through this project.  That’s it for now



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