Windows: for FREE!!!

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So, I don’t know how much more lucky I could get honestly with this.  My friend Remington donated to me some REALLY NICE, brand new windows.  All though him and his company (Bentley Doors and Windows) wouldn’t say they are the best (because they make MUCH better ones ;-), I think they are absolutely perfect!  Not only because they have ZERO impact on my budget either :-).  These are all brand new efficient almond color windows, which I think will go very well with my finishes!  In total there are (2) 4’x6” sliding windows (for the living area), there is (1) 3’x3’ picture window that will go beautifully in my bed area, there are (2) diffused 1’x5’ windows that will go up high in the kitchen and the bed area to let light in (not view windows), (1) 4’x4’ single hung that will go in the living area (possibly instead of the 4’x6’) next to a door, and (2) 2’x3’ sliders for the bathroom and the kitchen.  In total there are 8 windows that will set me up VERY well.  Thank you so much Remington and Bentley doors, this is amazingly helpful for me!

Some crappy photos of some great windows 🙂


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