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Tonight I cut out some components to get a relative idea of the size of certain requirements in my tiny house’s program.  One of the points of this tiny house it to have everything I need and nothing that I don’t I have determined the things that I do need are as follows:

  • A toilet (composting, to try the system)
  • A shower
  • A small pantry/storage closet for food and jackets/blankets
  • A bookshelf
  • An over-sized chair to curl up in, preferably swiveling
  • A heat source, I am thinking a wood stove for renewable fuel but I am also thinking gas/electric so that I dont have to wake up on cold mornings and start a fire just to get warm… Is there such a thing as a wood AND gas fireplace or a wood AND electric fireplace??
  • A bed, I want a queen sized bed because school taught how to appreciate my sleep and I LOVE a comfortable bed!
  • A storage space for my clothes, this is very flexible, under the bed or a standing dresser/shelves incorporated however will work just great
  • A desk, most likely attached to my TV/Computer
  • A kitchen with a sink, an oven/stovetop, a mini fridge and a mini freezer and possibly a microwave.  My cupboards will be enclosed below and open shelving up above.

Along with this openly functional stuff I will need to find a space for

  • A decent sized water tank
  • Solar panel batteries

So, these are a few of the designs I came up with using my components.  I would LOVE to hear feedback from anyone who has an opinion or who has gone through this process before…

Option #1

I like this one because it has a lot of flexibility and a lot of storage space.  The particular trailer I bought has an extra 5’-0” section on the end so it seemed fitting that that became a porch area, this plan also connects to that space.

Option #2

This one I like because it seems much more open, it doesn’t really connect to any sort of ‘patio’ space, there are designable ways around that.  I originally started with a side entry trailer but it does seem like it makes more sense with my specific trailer to connect out the back.  This one does have a bigger bathroom but less storage.  I like this bed layout because it can be used as a couch if needed also.

Option #3

This one seems ‘alright to me, it connects to both the side and the back area, the storage space is limited though.  it does have a pretty open plan which I like.

Option #4

I think that this is my ‘favorite’ of the group.  It has connections to both the side (where I plan to have an ‘L’ shaped porch) and remains pretty open.  The bed is even able to stay a little private because it is separated from the space by the fireplace.  There is also a bit more storage in this than the others and maybe most importantly the majority of the weight is situated a little better over the axles.

So, What do you think?

Once I can get a basic layout I can jump into drafting up some details and figuring out the specifics… More to come!

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  1. Macy, I’m trying to do to scale layouts like you have done here and I’m struggling. For example, the shower base I would like to use is 30″ by 30″, which measures 2’6″. How do I cut that out using paper that has a scale of 1′ per box? Also, how did you measure scale for your other furnishings?

      1. Glad you got it worked out! For the other pieces I had I measured them and roughly cut the size needed (airing on the larger size if needed to keep math easy!) Hopefully that helps!

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