Preliminary Schedule

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Here is a very preliminary schedule for my tiny house project.  I currently have a lease that goes until the end of May 2012, by then I should have oodles of time to build my tiny house.  Here is the breakout by month, roughly at this point


  • Buy trailer move to interior workshop to be worked on for winter
  • Start design documents (figure out details, finishes, fixtures, systems etc.)


  • Prepare trailer foundation (insulation and floor system)
  • Build walls
  • find/build doors and windows to be used


  • Complete erecting walls and roof
  • Sheath/weather wrap building
  • Insert doors and windows into openings
  • Rough in plumbing and electrical
  • Find fire place


  • Order toilet and solar panels
  • Install exterior siding
  • Install metal roofing
  • Drywall interior
  • Complete plumbing and electrical


  • Sell possessions not needed for tiny house
  • Order any furnishings needed 
  • Finish interior of space


  • Move trailer to exterior location
  • Test systems and adjust as needed
  • Furnish space
  • Begin looking for a space to park trailer closer to downtown


  • Vacate apartment and move into tiny house!

Two years to come:

  • Test systems and record what I learn.

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